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Reverse Living Floor Planning – What Is It and Is It Right For You?

Traditional architecture found throughout the home building industry typically provides two-story homes with the main living space on the first floor and the sleeping quarters on the second floor. However, a popular alternative to this floor plan has evolved that has become known as reverse living. Read on with me as I explain reverse living and help you decide when a reverse floor plan may appropriate for you.

In traditional two-story homes, active living space found in rooms such as the living room, kitchen, dining room, study and family room are found on the first floor. This arrangement provides ease of entry to and exit from the house during the normal course of the day, when homeowners and their families tend to make frequent and multiple trips into and out of their home and, in the process, want the convenience of a same-floor relationship between their indoor and outdoor living space. The more passive activity of sleep, typically occurring in the bedrooms, is relegated to the second floor, the least convenient level of the traditional two-story home.

The simplest form of a reverse living floor plan is the reversal of the living space and the sleeping space within a two-story home. This relationship of indoor living to the outdoors environs shifts because of view corridors or outdoor amenities, for which a client seeks to maximize exposure during its living time. This type of floor plan is most common for homes situated to take advantage of scenic views created by mountains, hilltops, marshes, wildlife sanctuaries, rivers, stream, water expanses and urban skylines. By placing living space on the upper most level within the house, views are more easily captured or perhaps made visible when they might be partially or fully blocked on lower levels.

Within a reverse living floor plan, bedrooms are relegated to the most inactive areas of the house. In some reverse living floor plans, the master bedroom may be included on the upper most level of the home, if the homeowner wants to appreciate the views in the privacy and serenity of its bedroom.

Now, is a reverse living floor plan suited for you? It may be if your building lot is located on or proximate to beautiful landscapes or view corridors, whether crafted by man or nature, and you wish to enjoy those views to the fullest!… Read More

Home Renovation Companies

For those of you homeowners that like to get the job done by renovation companies,should definitely be aware of the best home renovation companies that are available to you, so that you can take full advantage of this. After all you are going to need the proper supplies for your home renovation needs, and finding them at an affordable price is always a good thing.These companies offer one of the largest and most varied selections out there, including building materials, doors and windows, electrical, floor covering, hardware, heating and venting, paint, plumbing, and more.

Homeowners lacking the time and talent to remodel their homes, there are many home renovation companies that can provide the professional results being sought. When considering a remodeling project you will want to contract with one of the home renovation companies specializing in the type of project being considered. While some contractors have the necessary crews with the experience to provide all types of work, others may be limited in the type of remodeling jobs they can complete.

Just as most homeowners would not call a plumber to install a new electric line, if the homeowner is planning to replace the floors in their kitchen, they should not call a painter. Depending on the type of work being done, the home renovation companies contacted should have the experience for that type of work. There is also a good chance that contacting home renovation companies that offer to do all the work the prices may be slightly higher than specialized companies. When home renovation companies only do one types of work, they may have extra parts and fixtures left over from previous jobs and without the need to buy new ones for your job, may offer a savings on the work. Home renovation companies that have to hire outside contractors to perform some of the work may also add a small fee just for making the calls and arranging the work.

The biggest complaint many home renovation companies have with the consumer is knowing who is calling the shots on the job. Opinions on what is to be done offer differ between spouses and the poor guy doing the work is often caught in arguments between the couple. One may have contracted the job and seemingly they are in agreement, but part way through one may decide they want something different and the head of the home renovation companies are left trying to figure out which one is in charge.

In most cases, it is better to hire a contractor and work out the details with them. The couple should then stay out of the way and let them do their job so the project is finished on time, within budget and is what the couple is paying to be done. Many home renovation companies prefer working this way as opposed to the homeowner hiring six different contractors for each phase of the project. It also helps in the timing of the job as one person can … Read More

Four Reasons Why You Would Use Louver Doors In Your Home

When it comes to finding a great look for your home that is both functional and eye appealing, you simply cannot beat interior Louver doors. Typically seen in bi-fold fashion on closets, these doors are now beginning to be appreciated in many other applications around the home, for good reason. Whether you are on the hunt for a door that doubles as an accent piece for your décor or simply need to improve the air movement in your home, Louvre doors will not let you down.

Convenience in Tight Places

Like with other styles of bi-folding doors, there is a certain level of ease that comes with this style of Louver doors. They can be used in relatively tight places without completely blocking the flow of traffic because they do not swing open. However, unlike a solid-front style, this slotted variety offers much more. The introduction of standard cut doors with the attractive shutter like design also allows for a consistency throughout a hallway or entry, so closets, bedrooms, and bathrooms share the unique style.

Air Flow

Louver doors provide superior air flow due to their design, whether they are hiding a large closet or operating as a standard bedroom entryway. The great thing about this is that it allows warm or cool air to travel between rooms, even when the door is shut. Of course, for the closet, this is nice so the air doesn’t get stale around clothing, blankets, or toiletries. For bedrooms or other spaces within the room, a Louver door can represent cost savings and comfort as air conditioning or heat easily passes through.


Proper airflow between spaces also means better ventilation. Would you like to close off a utility closet? Do you have a mud room that tends to be damp or a finished basement? A Louvre door might be the perfect option. It provides the ventilation and airflow that some systems require and can cut down on moisture by moving air over it. That’s not the best part, either; this style of door can serve several important functions, but, more importantly, it looks great in the process.

Visual Appeal

There is no doubt about it; a little detail can go a long way toward making a space beautiful. While a classic front door will serve the purpose of dividing the house, it doesn’t have the same pizzazz as this style. A Louvre door can work with nearly any décor, transitioning easily between homeowners and between changing trends, always offering a sense of interest and beauty.… Read More

Vanilla Ice, Rapper, Reality Star And Home Remodeling Expert

When you mention the name Vanilla Ice, most people only remember the rapper with the bad haircut and that interminable hook that gets stuck in your head before you can stop it.

However that was a long time ago, over twenty years in fact, and these days Rob Van Winkle is still making a lot of money but in a very different way, as a new show debuting on the cable channel The DIY Network showcases.

For the last two decades Van Winkle has been a “house flipper” and he says that even in a down real estate market he’s still making money.

The new show “The Vanilla Ice Project”, began on Thursday October 14th at 9pm. The first episode chronicled one of his current remodeling projects, a 7,000 square foot mansion in Wellington, Florida.

He paid $420,000 for the house and after adding $300,000 in home improvements he intends to put it on the market for a cool $1 million.

Exactly what has Ice added to the home so far? A full home theater in the attic is just one of the new features and it not only boasts electric curtains but “mood sensing” lighting as well.

Perhaps the most surprising thing about all this is that Van Winkle does most of the actual remodeling work himself. Upcoming episodes of the show feature Ice and  his new crew creating a racetrack in the garage, completely renovating a swimming pool and installing some very high end cabinets in a formerly dilapidated kitchen which had been ruined when the previous occupants decided to rip out and take most of the built ins with them.… Read More

Winter: a Renovation Project

Winter: a Renovation Project

Winter’s a renovation project? About this time of year (early March), we in the upper Midwest wish it finished already. The contractor is taking too long. Yet, perhaps we see the wisdom of Thomson’s words: winter isn’t ruin, but, rather, a force for renewal. To which there’s a degree of truth (but only a degree). I feel so sorry for those of you living in the subtropics. Do you see what you’re missing? Shall we send you some renovation via a north wind?

By the way, two to four more inches of snow predicted for tonight and tomorrow in Northeast Wisconsin (March when this photo was posted). Next week? Predicted temperatures in the 50s F. I think I’m sensing the completion of the project.

Where sits the soul, intense, collected, cool,
Bright as the skies, and as the season keen.
All nature feels the renovating force
Of Winter, only to the thoughtless eye
In ruin seen . . . .

—from "The Seasons: Winter," by James Thomson

(for Poetography, Theme 164—Bright; Literary Reference in Pictures)

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