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The Top 5 Reasons to Remove Your Acoustic Ceiling

#1 – Asthetics – The biggest reason to get rid of acoustic ceilings is that they just look terrible. Most people do not like the way popcorn ceilings look. In fact, this style is so disliked that in many cases it can bring down the value of a home, or even turn people away from buying it. This is especially true in more “trendy” cities or neighborhoods. Over the years, the ceiling will also become dusty and acquire stains which cannot be removed unless the entire ceiling is redone. Because the texture is difficult to paint over, some homes have color walls with white ceilings, which only emphasizes the ugliness of it. And if the owners do decide to paint, the fragile nature of the material limits the number of layers that can be coated on. Too much thick paint can weigh down the ceiling and cause parts of it to fall. The simple solution for a more versatile ceiling is to scrape off the surface of the popcorn ceiling and give it a smooth finish. This will give it a more appealing look that can more easily be changed according to taste.

#2 – Health – These types of ceilings are very dirty and dusty. Over years acoustic ceilings collect dust and dirt and there is no way to really clean it. Painting over it doesn’t clean it either, it helps trap dirt in and it starts building more and ruins the ceiling. The dust that collects can be inhaled by the inhabitants, causing health problems. Because the material these ceilings are made from is very fragile, every time it is disturbed, small particles are released into the air. This is not only a health threat, but can get your floors dirty as well. The only way to clean acoustic ceilings is to remove them and then you’re replacing it with something that’s not going to collect dust. So you’re taking a porous surface and turning it into a smooth, cleanable surface.

#3 – Allergies – Allergies go down substantially once the acoustic ceiling has been removed. Everything that you’ve been allergic to gets caught up in the acoustic and if you have allergens in your ceiling you can’t get away from it. Dust mites is the most common trigger of allergies, and it tends to get stuck in the nooks and crannies of the ceiling. Dusting or vacuuming can help, but is rarely completely efficient. And often times when attempting to clean, the surface is disturbed and particles are released into the air making matters worse. With a flat surface, you can rest easily knowing that allergens have one less place to hide.

#4 – Smells – Acoustic ceilings trap in smells were created because they absorb sound. Unfortunately, they also absorb smells. This can be particularly problematic in the kitchen where the ceiling is frequently exposed to an array of strong odors from cooking. Smoke and steam deliver the smells straight to the ceiling where it becomes … Read More

Learn About Maintaining Teak Outdoor Furniture, The Easy Way


Now days, because of new design trends many buyers of teak outdoor furniture really do not want the golden look at all. In fact, they actually want to speed up the aging process to achieve a patina silvery gray look. Of course, others still desire the golden tone and this is where the restoration and proprietary product choices come in to play. Regardless of which way you decide to go and no matter how gray your teak becomes, it can always be restored to a golden look later. The natural silver patina color is just a very thin film layer of oxidation and can be easily cleaned and sanded off to expose the original teak color tone.


First of all, there is not much chance of you seriously damaging your teak furniture by applying teak oil or sealers on the surfaces. We try to describe below general means and methods to apply teak oil or sealers if desired, even though it is certainly not required. We strongly do not recommend applying stains or varnish for outdoor use unless applied by a very experienced professional varnish applicator. These varnish experts are commonly referred to as the “bright work” guys. It is hard for varnish to adhere to teakwood because of the natural oils that exists, hence the need for an expert bright worker.

If your furniture is to be used indoors and away from a lot of natural sunlight, over a period of time perhaps six months to a year the wood will gradually become a darker shade of golden brown. Plus, if you buff the wood aggressively with cloth the natural oils will migrate to the surface and provide a beautiful satin look.

If left outdoors, the effects of the sun’s rays will ‘bleach out’ the timber’s natural color, gradually turning it a soft silvery gray patina color. This silvery gray ‘patina’ which develops over time gives teak furniture a distinctive appearance. The silver gray color resulting from this natural aging process is considered by many to be very attractive and allows the furniture to blend in well with many outdoor environments. Teak furniture left in this state is easily maintained and needs no treatment whatsoever to give many years of service and this is about as easy as outdoor furniture maintenance can get!

If your teak furniture requires cleaning or if you want to remove the gray, this can be done with a normal household bristle brush and some warm mildly soapy (clear dish soap) water. Wash down afterwards with clean water. There are also many proprietary products on the market which can also be used to clean off various stubborn deposits and accumulated dirt and stains.

Do not use high pressure sprayers, steel wool or steel wire brushes to scrub the wood as any metal residue left in the grain will rust and discolor the wood. High pressure water sprayers will blast out the wood fines … Read More

A Tale Of Home Improvement

A Tale Of Home Improvement

Once upon time, in a quiet village, stood a small bungalow, which suffered from neglect because its owners didn’t have any money to maintain it properly. A sign "for sale" had been standing in the front garden for a very long time, but nobody was interested since the bungalow was of very modern design, which was a sharp contrast to the rest of the historic village. Day after day the wood rotted away and nature slowly took over the garden, until only a complete make-over could help the bungalow to survive…

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Curtain Ideas – How to Make Curtains the Easy Way

You’re looking for curtain ideas to give you some inspiration. So how can you get fantastic looking modern curtains made to fit your windows for just a few dollars.

1. You know your room needs redecorating and bringing up to date.

2. You have windows that are the wrong size for ready made curtains.

3. Or you simply can’t find the right color or design.

So you keep putting it off because it’s going to cost big money to get them custom made.

Well it doesn’t have to break the bank to turn your curtain ideas into reality. So what kind of window treatments am I talking about that are made to measure and don’t cost a fortune. Well they are called “Wave curtains” because they hang into pleats that fold in to a wave shape.

They are a really modern and contemporary style but can fit in most homes depending on the fabric they are made from. The beauty of this style of curtains is,

1. The look obviously.

2. The way they fall naturally into their special “wave pleats” when they are either open or closed. No more time dressing your curtains every time you move them.

So your probably thinking how do you get them for so little. The answer is simple “You make them yourself”.

This is the point your finger heads for the back button, well stop right there.

Don’t panic, you don’t need to sew or even know a thing about curtains. It’s so simple anyone can do this (even a grown man like me). How do I know, have I read about it somewhere and decided to share it with you.

No I have been there done it and have the evidence hanging in my own home. I have also written up full simple step by step instructions with photos. So you can repeat it yourself with no big expenses. Most people have the tools they need to make these around their homes already. If you need anything it won’t cost you much, or you can borrow it from family or neighbors.

The only things you will need are the fabric to make your “wave curtains” and the stuff to create the header and seams.

So your asking how do you make curtains like this. Well the first step is:

1. Side seams and hem are created using fusible web tape. The stuff you use to re-hem a skirt or trousers. You fix this with a domestic steam iron, the kind we all have at home. Believe me if you apply this tape properly it sticks rock solid. You will find it very difficult to pull the fabrics apart.

2. The header that creates the wave effect on the top of your curtains is created using fusible 5 or 6 inch wide buckram. This stuff again is fixed in place using a steam iron. Again it sticks really well.

3. Finally you will need pin hooks to hang this style of curtain. These … Read More

Home Renovation Software

The time has come that you are ready to start making improvements to your home and you have a few ideas of what you want to accomplish. However, what looks good in your mind or on a piece of scrap paper, may not pan out in the real world and you should know the anticipated cost of any improvements you are thinking about before finding a contractor. There are several versions of home renovation software that can help you plan the project and help estimate the cost.

Any user-friendly home design software should give you tools to design, build, remodel, and furnish your home. You should be able to customize your home interior and exterior with many possible combinations of furnishings, appliances, colors, materials, and styles. Most of the 3D home design software will allow visualization of architecture, landscapes or any kind of spatial design in 3 dimensions. They also feature pre-designed models of furniture, key components like doors, windows and stairways which can be moved around, rendered in various hues and even enable you to create a walkthroughs from a simple floor plan. Many of them are designed for general users which does not necessitate a degree in computer design to use the software.

The main features of any home design software will include a simple startup and interactive help menu with step-by-step instructions to guide you through the software. Design help is available in the form of built in floor plans, a database of home design products from leading manufacturers. You can view objects and design textures from infinite viewing angles in both 2D and 3D home design softwares.

While there are quite a few free home renovation software offerings that help with the basics, spending a few dollars on a more professional version can give you the options you may be looking for in making the plans, depending on how serious you are about getting the project done. This can be especially useful if you are planning to serve as your own contractor or perform the bulk of the work yourself. If the plan includes hiring someone to design the improvements for you, give and estimate and all you are going to do is approve the plans and pay the bill, then buying home renovation software is not necessary. Most remodeling contractors will already have the home renovation software and plenty of ideas about how to improve your living space, whether you want interior or exterior renovations.

While doing the work yourself can be a rewarding experience, as well as less costly as hiring others, the project will have to be planned through each step of the project. Using quality home renovation software can help guide you through the steps before the first nail is pounded. With home renovation software you can develop the end result on your computer and then ask the software for a materials list and, once you enter the prices of things you plan to buy, it can total the project cost. Once … Read More

Home Decorations

Home Decorations

home decor things to avoid when using your home decor

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Another Pictures of home decorations:

Home Decoration High Resolution Pictures

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