Flood Restoration Equipment Services, Repair, and Rental

Home floods can create much more than a wet mess. Water damage can lead to mold behind the walls, which left unrestrained can result in inhabitantsof the home contracting an illness. In-house floods and water damage should be remediated as soon as possible. Immediate response is the key to preventing mold and other damage from getting out of hand. Once the water has been removed from the premises the use of drying equipment, such as dehumidifiers and air movers, can quickly and effectively dry the floor, walls, and the dwelling in general. It is suggested to run the dehu’s and the air movers for at least three days and maybe longer to ensure a dry home. Experts in the flood restoration industry have many tool at their disposal to determine the wetness of the walls and floors, as well as if mold has began to make a presence.

BTR Equipment Services is your ally when it comes to flood restoration equipment service and repair.  We have been servicing and repairingdehumidifiers and other flood restoration equipment for many years with skill and experience. BTR makes it easy for you because we pick up and deliver your equipment. Your flood restoration equipment will last longer and be more effective with a regular servicing and cleaning. It can be cost effective for you to have your equipment repaired, instead of buying new equipment.

BTR also offers a full line of equipment for rent at greatly reduced rates compared to other sources.BTR makes it easy for you to rent flood restoration equipment because, not only do we pick up and deliver the equipment to your company or job site, we also have the best rental rates anywhere.

BTR offers MyTee Products at greatly discounted rates. MyTee Products offers a line of quality flood restoration equipment.

BTR serves the Southern California region including the entire counties of San Diego, Imperial, Riverside, San Bernardino, Orange, and Los Angeles.

BTR Equipment Services – Mission Statement

We fully service the Flood Restoration Industry, by renting, servicing, and repairing the equipment our clients need to perform quality Flood Restorations.

Flood Restoration Equipment – Rental From $15 to $24 per day

BTR Equipment Services is your ally in Flood Restoration. We have equipment for rent, such as Dehumidifiers, Air Movers, Ozone Machines, Air Scrubbers, Water Extractors…all delivered to your company or your job site. There is no need for your company to purchase more equipment in an emergency. We have low prices and delivery!

Flood Restoration Equipment – Service and Repair

BTR Equipment Services is your ally when it comes to Flood Restoration equipment service and repair. We will service and repair your equipment to keep it operating at maximum efficiency, and we pick up and deliver your equipment so that you or your employees can stay available for that next flood job.

BTR Equipment Services – Sales

BTR Equipment Services is your ally when it comes to your next purchase of Flood Restoration equipment. We sell Air Movers, Water Extractors and other equipment at reasonable prices.