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“While diesel locomotives to start with arrived to American railroads in the 1920s, their use was confined to change engines, and later to passenger train locomotives. It wasn’t until eventually 1940 that the Electro Motive Division of Normal Motors (EMD) shown that diesels could almost exchange steam locomotives in large-responsibility assistance. A pioneer freight diesel, model “FT,” toured the nation’s railroads and improved historical past. A lot like its sister passenger locomotives of the working day, it was styled with an vehicle-like nose and windshield, a style and design that prevailed until eventually the late nineteen fifties.

While generally referred to as “diesels,” the locomotives basically are electrically pushed. The diesel motor drives an alternator, which provides electricity to operate electric powered motors mounted on the locomotive’s axles. The internal combustion motor was a spectacular improvement in performance about the steam locomotive, earning significant savings doable in maintenance and the elimination of popular services. More models could be coupled with each other and operate by a person engineer from the lead unit, creating pretty highly effective combos.

A lot of railroads, which includes Union Pacific, had been not able to acquire quick advantage of the new technologies due to product shortages caused by Entire world War II. Union Pacific’s fleet of modern day steam locomotives and plentiful on-line coal reserves in Wyoming had been a further variable in UP’s late entry into the dieselization race. Soon after the war nevertheless, railroads commenced sweeping the rails crystal clear of the common steamers. Union Pacific commenced its sweep in the late forties on the line functioning as a result of the southwestern deserts, wherever h2o was complicated to get hold of for steam engines.

By the conclude of the nineteen fifties the steam period was about and more and more highly effective diesels ruled the rails.

Classes of Locomotives

E-9 Passenger set: Union Pacific has restored 3 E-9 passenger locomotives: No. 951, 949 and 963B. They are utilized in exclusive train assistance. The to start with of the set, 951, was returned to the roster in 1984 soon after having been retired in 1980 to substitute for steam motor No. 844 on the yearly “River Town Roundup” train because the steam motor was on exhibit that calendar year at the New Orleans World’s Fair.

No. 951 was a person of sixty nine E-9 locomotives when owned by Union Pacific. Constructed in 1955, it pulled these famed trains as the Town of Los Angeles, Town of Portland, Town of San Francisco, Town of St. Louis and the Challenger. When Amtrak took about most of the nation’s rail passenger assistance in 1971, No. 951 was a person of 8 models retained by UP for exclusive assistance. The relaxation of the E models had been sold or transferred to Amtrak.

In 1974 No. 951 was loaned to the sponsors of the American Liberty Train to advertise the AFT’s bicentennial tour. The locomotive was repainted with a crimson, white and blue bicentennial paint scheme and toured a great deal of the nation pulling the “Preamble Express” in advance of the commonly publicized steam-powered Liberty Train tours in 1975 and 1976. The locomotive was returned to UP soon after the tour and repainted to its standard yellow in 1978.

No. 951, alongside with 949 and 963B, which had been reacquired by UP in order to take care of even bigger trains, was rebuilt with modern day elements in 1993, although its outward visual appeal continued to keep the look of the 1955 period. The important figures on these 3 locomotives, also acknowledged as Streamliners, may perhaps be observed in the Exclusive Trains section.”

(from Union Pacific archives and home web site)

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