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Home Improvement In Maine With Dave Deschaine – Roofing

Home improvements can be very expensive but at the same time if you learn DIY then it needn’t be the case. Home improvements can be very expensive which is why you might find yourself wanting to look for a home improvement loan quote. Home improvement loans are particular credit plans that aregranted to people who intend to make some changes in their homes. David, Stephen John and Michael of Deschaine home improvement took place in the 90s and it was about a family that had four brothers and a step-dad that was a builder and had a show called Deschaine Construction & Builders,. Home Improvement is the complete home improvement resource.

Remodeling Maine – Home Improvement Exteriors

Remodeling of your kitchen & bath would not only make you happy with the new and modern look, but it is also going to provide you with monetary benefits. Remodeling and refurnishing are two important activities, which can bring fresh and new look to the entire home. Remodeling anything in your home is something that should take time and effort.

Contractors Maine – Home Improvement Exteriors

Hire a contractor allows both home owners and contractors to post or bid on home projects and communicate each other using the same platform. Just click on one of the regions or categories on the left, complete the form on that page, and up to 4 contractors will be in touch with you shortly to discuss your home improvement project and provide a free quote. There are three main approaches to managing a home improvement project: hiring a general contractor, directly hiring specialized contractors, or doing the work oneself. In addition to providing you access to a detailed list of contractors, our website was designed to help you find the information and resources you need as you plan your home improvement projects. Therefore, we have loaded our website with helpful articles on topics such as kitchen cabinet refacing and finding the right contractor.

Siding Maine – Home Improvement Exteriors

Siding and Windows Vinyl Siding offers a broad array of styles and colors that can suit most any needs, while quality replacement windows will produce energy saving benefits in any home. Although vinyl siding is petroleum based it is a recyclable product so it dose not have a great impact on our environment. We will provide you with a free estimate, design, plan, permits, quality products and top-notch craftsmanship all at an affordable price Quality Home Improvements Established in “1985” under the present ownership “Making it easier”We help you plan and design your project and decide on your improvement components such as kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, counter tops, sinks, ceramic tile, hardwood flooring, windows, siding, roofing and much more “The good and the bad”There are good people and bad people in every walk of life.

Exterior Maine – Home Improvement Exteriors

The home renovation tips may include suggestions for deciding the right floor plan to deciding the length, width, and design of windows and doors to home flooring … Read More

Kitchen counter.

Kitchen counter.

Here, you can see some of my favorite things in the whole house. The dishwasher is our newest baby. We’ve wanted a new dishwasher since we bought the place, and it’s our first ever appliance investment. If you knew how much John cared about dishes, you’d be surprised we waited as long as we did to buy one. (I’m gunning for the stove soon, right after a new washer and dryer.)

Also pictured are my knives, which I could not live without. KitchenAid mixer (as well as most of the dishwasher) is courtesy of John’s parents, who should be credited with the fact that I am finally getting over my fears of baking. My dutch oven and the KitchenAid food processor are courtesy of my mom, who is delighted that I cook for her when she comes to visit.

The kitchen is the room we’ve spent most time on in the house. Soon, we’re looking into updating the lighting (oh, flourescent lights, your days are numbered), and maybe adding a backsplash and a range hood if I’m a super nice girl and our tax return is big enough. These are our renovation goals for 2008.

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Coffee Shop Business Plan – The Basic Points You Must Cover

Many coffee shop owners do not realize the importance of having a good coffee shop business plan. A business plan is basically a document that list down your competitive strategy and execution during the operations. Having a compelling strategy will inspire you to great heights in business success and having a good execution business plan will ensure that your castle is not built on clouds. It forces you to dream big and at the same time to come out with operations to make this dream a reality.

Having a well thought out business plan will give you an advantage over your competitors. It give any your potential bankers and investors a big boost in confidence in your vision. They realized that most of the coffee shop owners cannot put down their strategy into paper; mush to execute them well.

In general, the language in the coffee shop business plan should be factual and business like. You can use any prospectus of a listed company as a reference. You may say that you are not going for listing! You must realize that the investors are really looking for good deals and there is no better way to show them you mean business by having a world class business plan. Use graphs and government statistics to back up your research and this will give you instant credibility. A good business plan will basically cover two things, your business strategy and execution.

A. Strategy

A strategy is the goal you want to achieve in your business in the short run, which is the first one year and for the long run, which is 5 year. As this is a big topic by itself, I shall cover the few critical components briefly.

i) Target market

The first thing you must cover is your target market. This includes the demographics, where they eat and how affluent they are. Then you need to estimate the market size. This will depend on how big an area you think you can realistically cover.

ii) Competitions

No business exists by itself. If there really is none, that is a sign of no demand in the market. You must list down your nearest competitor in your chosen niche and their strengths and weaknesses. If you can, list down their revenue per month and estimated market share as well.

iii) Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Your USP is how you position you business differently from other competitors. It answers the question of why your customers must be crazy not to do business with you compared with your competitors. It could be your quality food, your service, your cozy environments or your pricing. Give them a compelling reason why and they will flock to your coffee shop.

iv) Target location and rationale

The location you choose to start your business really depends on your USP. You may choose to do an upscale coffee shop and naturally, a nice and relaxed environment is important. The renovation costs and may skyrocket but you can … Read More

Ideas for Enhancing Your Home’s Entrance

Ideas for Enhancing Your Home’s Entrance

The entryway to your home is the first thing that people will spot when they arrive at your home.  Like every homeowner, you’ll want your home to reflect your tastes, and you want to convey a sense of pride in the appearance of your home.  This is why it’s important to ask yourself: just what do people see when they first enter my home?  Do they see something pleasing to they eye, or do they spot an eyesore instead?  When you consider the importance of making a good first impression, consider how often people spend money on landscaping, windows, or siding, without ever considering the aesthetics of the home’s entrance.  If your home entrance doesn’t have the impact that you would like it to have, it’s time to shake things up with a makeover.

When it comes to ideas for the front door of your home, you’ll be glad to find that sources of inspiration abound.  In the past, there weren’t nearly as many resources, and many people simply drove by scores of homes, trying to find ideas for styles and designs to match their home’s decor.  Nowadays, there are magazines, TV programs, and even entire websites devoted to home improvement with an extensive array of door galleries to provide you with ideas for your front entrance.  Even if you are working with a custom millwork company, you can also spend some time browsing the aisles of your local home improvement store to gain more ideas.

There are many trends these days when it comes to increasing the appeal of your home with a new front door entrance.  One style of entryway architecture that you may want to consider installing in your home is Corinthian style columns, pillars, and carvings.  You can choose simple or complex design elements depending, of course, on the style you prefer as well as the amount of money that you have budgeted for the project.

A double door entry is a dramatic way to change the look of your home.  Double doors provide a sense of grandeur and sophistication that is sure to increase your home’s appeal.  You’ll want to take into consideration the width of your front entry way to accommodate the door, as well as your existing design elements.

Another popular trend when it comes to doors for the home is the use of environmentally friendly designs and technologies.  Door builders are increasingly taking a two-pronged approach to the door manufacturing process to make it as green as possible.  The process starts with green design, from using environmentally friendly materials and techniques, to reducing, reusing, and recycling as much as possible.  The next step in this two-part ‘green’ process is the energy efficiency of the door itself, reducing unnecessary energy usage and cutting costs for the homeowner.

No matter the type of home front door entrance you choose to install to beautify your home, don’t forget that it’s the one place that will make a startling first … Read More

Shower-Liner or Bath-Fitter Vs Ceramic Tile Replacement

If you live in an older home, you typically have ceramic or porcelain tiles on the shower walls of your bathroom. While you may not like their present condition or color, the truth is that these ceramic tiles have stood the test of time, often lasting 40-50 years or more. When you consider the typical life expectancy of many materials, that’s a fairly good track record.

In the last decade, bathroom remodeling companies have started offering alternative materials when providing bathroom designs. Sadly, the reason for the shift away from traditional materials is often for the sake of saving money and increasing contractor profit, not in order to enhance the quality and durability of a bathroom remodel. The shower-liner is one such product. It has reduced bathroom improvement costs, but has also had the effect of reducing the quality of many completed bathroom projects.

Quite simply, a shower-liner, or bath-fitter as they are often called, is a molded fiberglass or vinyl sheet which is installed over a homeowner’s existing tiles and bathtub. No plumbing beneath the bathtub or shower is replaced. Many times in an older home the ceramic tiles have mold growth on and underneath the grout lines between tiles. The shower walls themselves may be unstable and dry-rotted. Unfortunately, once the liner is installed over the tiles homeowners don’t see the conditions that exist behind it. While on the surface things look all right, no one can be certain what’s lurking beneath the surface. Of the many bathroom ideas contractors have come up with, the bath-liner is among the worst.

Instead of saving a few dollars and purchasing an inferior product, homeowners would do well to use the services of a qualified bathroom contractor who will completely replace their shower walls and install new ceramic tiles. Whether yours is a small bathroom or a large one, a custom-designed ceramic tile scheme will add beauty to your new bathroom and value to your home. Instead of simply installing a white or almond-colored sheet over the shower walls, we can design an attractive pattern of angled tiles with interesting borders and glass mosaics.

Very often, the cost for the services of a professional bathroom contractor is not much more than taking the cheaper route and installing a bath-liner. That’s especially true when you consider that it’s likely you will ultimately need to rip-out the shower-liner or bath-fitter in order to replace damaged plumbing and eventually install new walls and ceramic tiles anyway.… Read More

The Pros and Cons of Selling a Home in "as Is" Condition

So, the house is not in “Like New” condition and is not as cosmetically pleasing as you’d like. Is it worth the time and money to fix it up before selling it? Maybe or maybe not.

When deciding whether or not to sell a home in “As Is” condition it is important to look at the ultimate goal. Many sellers simply want to get out form underneath a home. The price they get for the home is not as important as the selling of the home. Other sellers want to make a profit, by selling it for more than they purchased it for. And still others need to get a certain price for the home to cover their debt in the home. While there may be other situations, these are the three basic scenarios.

When looking at selling a house the pros and cons of selling “As Is” are really very simple. The basic concepts involve selling price, ability to sell quickly, and amount of effort put in. Of course, you have to weigh the need for a quick sale over the need for a specific price when considering this option. We’ll look at the pros and cons from these two standpoints; needing to get rid of the house (Quick Sale) and needing to get a certain price (Specific Price.)

Quick Sale

When you are looking to get rid of a house, for whatever reason, you probably are not as concerned with the price. Although you will want to get a fair price, the amount is less important than the fact that it sells. Selling a home as is, in this situation, is actually a bit ironic. You probably have the money to do the repairs to get it in top shape but do not have the desire, or need, to do it.

The Pros:
In this situation you do not want to put much money into selling the home because you are simply looking to get rid of it. Wasting time and money on repairs for a little higher selling price is not a priority. Because you are willing to entertain reasonable offers, you will probably be able to make a quick sale. You might attract investment buyers who want to buy the property cheaper, fix it up, and turn it around for a profit. By selling “As Is” you are not implying anything and are offering no guarantees, either. The homebuyer knows that they are getting a property that will probably require some work.

The Cons:
Obviously, the sale price will be a little lower than it could be with some repairs. Many banks are less willing to offer financing to buyers who are looking at “As Is” properties, unless they have a good plan in place. If you don’t attract the investors you might be spending a lot of time talking to, and showing the property to, people with little hope of financing. You stand the chance of unhappy homebuyers, even though they were told it was … Read More