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How to Budget on Bathroom Renovations

     The bathroom is a cluttered, tiny room off the bedroom where we rush to brush, shower, and fix ourselves before we set off for work. Nevertheless, it could also be a haven, a place of retreat after a hard day at work. A place to soothe the soul and calm the nerves. This can be done, and fits any budget.

     The second most popular remodelling project after the kitchen is the bathroom upgrade. However, the expenses involved could be quite staggering—with an average over $10,000! Wait, do no let this discourage you from renovating your baths, following are some tips on doing it that fits your budget.

1. Determine a specific budget and plan. Consider your funds and find out how much you can spend on a bathroom renovation. It is helpful to do some window-shopping for fixtures and accessories and compare quality and prices.

2. The answer to a tight budget is taking it a step at a time. If you have the funds to spend on a bathtub, once this is accomplished, you could proceed to the next area. Each time you finish, it is wise to wait until you have the funds available to start on the next one. This will lessen the headaches involved in renovations.

3. Shop for items that you need during off-seasons where stores might offer discounts or sales. This could be during the summer or throughout the holidays where most people would not think of renovating their bathrooms.

4. You can choose to do it yourself.  You can replace worn towel bars, faucets, medicine cabinets, mirrors and light fixtures by yourself.  For a more flattering look, add down lights and put them on dimmers. The bathroom door could be replaced with one that has a full-length mirror set with new knobs and handles. A fresh coat of paint will do the trick of lighting up the look of your bathroom enormously. Nevertheless, before you proceed to do it yourself, consider your experience. Usually, if you do not have any experience or knowledge in bathroom renovations, you could end up spending more money than hiring a professional because of the many mistakes you make. Consider your options and decide wisely.

6. Make use of low-cost accessorizing. The key to this is to make use of the things you already have. Play it with colors. If you have a gold tub, toilet and sink, you can make it your color scheme.  Matching dominant colors will enable you to create a calm and uniformed look in your bathroom.

7. Try reglazing your tub instead of replacing it, most especially if it is still in a good working condition. You will be able to save more than half the price of a new tub and at the same time, lessens dust.

8. Use cultured marble sheets instead of a ceramic tile. Marble sheets are a good choice for your tub surroundings. They are easier to clean and can save you a lot on labor costs. Fiberglass … Read More

A Tale Of Home Improvement

A Tale Of Home Improvement

Once upon time, in a quiet village, stood a small bungalow, which suffered from neglect because its owners didn’t have any money to maintain it properly. A sign "for sale" had been standing in the front garden for a very long time, but nobody was interested since the bungalow was of very modern design, which was a sharp contrast to the rest of the historic village. Day after day the wood rotted away and nature slowly took over the garden, until only a complete make-over could help the bungalow to survive…

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Kitchen Cabinets: Life And Soul Of Your Kitchen!

According to one of the famous sayings, "the kitchen is the heart of our home." We do understand that scullery is a very essential and the most occupied areas of our home. It is where our daily meals are prepared, a family gathers to make food arrangements for special occasions or feasts. So while carrying forward these endless activities we are sure to create a mess, but at the back of our mind, we worry to keep this heart clean and organized. Wondering what are the possible solutions to achieve a clutter-free environment in your kitchen? Do not you worry, I've got that thing right! A kitchen cabinet is the best quick fix to maintain a clutter free and systematize aura in the kitchen!

Refurbishing your cooking area is a task of great responsibility. No doubt it is an interesting task but considering every aspect is quite necessary. You need to be creative and come up with new and innovative ideas with which you can maximize the storage space and functionality within your kitchen. Trust me kitchen cabinets are a great help in this process! They are one of the first storage units a person would focus on when he / she walks into the scullery. And choosing the best kitchen cabinet design is a must because the first impression is the last one!

Making a wise decision while choosing a kitchen cabinet is a must! Not will your choice just define the style of your kitchen but the amount of storage space, layout, longevity, and convenience will be affected by it. The first aspect to consider is the material used to craft that cabinet and its durability. You should always prefer wood over those metal and steel cabinets if you want a smooth and hassle free working in your kitchen. Because those metal cabinets start rusting, and they make those not so pleasant noises just after a few days of regular use. So it is totally up to you that if you are looking for a convenient and peaceful working environment inside your kitchen or an irritating atmosphere. While buying a wooden Kitchen cabinet, you need to ensure that it is crafted with Solid wood that turns out to be dependable in the long run. You also need to ensure that the edges of that cabinet are not too sharp as they can hurt you when you are not careful while accessing it in a hurry because precaution is always better than cure!

The next attention lies on the decor of the cooking area. You need to pay precise attention to whether you want a traditional functionality or modern flexibility. This means that you need to judge if traditionally designed kitchen cabinets will assist you with easy access to the essentials or not. However, the new cabinets designed with a modern touch will enable you to work efficiently. Your major purpose behind selecting that cabinet should not just depend on the looks of your scullery but majorly on the … Read More

Bathroom Remodeling Tips – How To Budget

Designing and planning your bathroom remodel project is one of the most important steps of the bathroom remodeling process. Planning your bathroom remodel is not as easy as going to the local home improvement store, buying some tile, a new vanity, and some new fixtures, and going home to start tearing your bathroom apart. If you try this approach, you will quickly realize that it is not an effective or productive approach.

A very important component of the bathroom remodeling project is establishing your budget for your project.. To provide you with a starting point, I detailed the basic material costs for a bathroom remodel. Please realize that these costs are general estimates for a basic bathroom remodel to guide you when establishing your budget.

* Permits – I budget around 10% of the total construction costs for permits fees.

* Tile – $7 to $15 a square foot
– The cost for tile varies by the amount of tile needed and type of tile chosen
– For more information on tile, please refer to the previous articles that I recently wrote
– Along with the tile you will also need grout and tile sealer
– In-floor heat $14.00 a square foot.

* Bathtub – $500.00
– This is the average cost for a 60″ long by 30″ wide bathtub; 60″ long bathtubs usually range in width from 30″ to 36″ and in height from 14″ to 18″
– Soaker tubs start at $1,000
– Whirlpool tubs start at $1,500

* Vanity – a good estimate is $125 per linear foot for the vanity
– This amount is for a semi custom made vanity of Maple, Cherry, or Oak, with soft close drawers

* Vanity top
– Cultured marble – staring at $80 a square foot
– Granite – starting at $90 a square foot
– Cambria – staring at $90 a square foot

* Sink – A good starting estimate is $200
– Depending on the vanity top that you select, you may need to purchase a separate sink. Cultured marble vanity tops have the sink molded in the top as one unit.

* Bathtub and shower Faucet – $350
– The finish you select for your faucet will impact your cost; a chrome finish is generally less expensive while brushed nickel and oil rubbed bronze cost more.

* Vanity Faucet – $150
– The finish you select for your faucet will impact your cost; a chrome finish is generally less expensive while brushed nickel and oil rubbed bronze cost more.

* Mirror – $200

* Bathroom Accessories – $200
– Towel bars, toilet paper holder
– Again, the finish you select will impact the cost

* Lights – $200
– Be sure to have adequate lighting in your bathroom; the bathroom is where you begin and end each day.
– Use more than one light for the services of the bathroom such as vanity, mirror, and the shower space.

* Primer, paint, accessories – $125
– To help … Read More

The Pleasures of Indoor Hot Tubs for People Living in the Big City

Isn’t it nice when after a hard days work at the office you go straight to a spa and have a dip into a nice relaxing hot tub? Drowning the day’s worries and tiredness, a hot tub is definitely one of life’s little joys.

It is a fact that most people living in the big city don’t have the time for this kind of luxury, except maybe for people who can afford to spend time at the spa. Most people take their work home to avoid getting work piled up on them the next day. Maybe this is the reason why they don’t find the time to relax.

Hot tubs are great. However, how can you install it when everywhere you look you’ll see buildings and not enough room outside your apartment building? You can’t even find the right place outside your building to place a hot tub amidst the tall buildings.

Outdoor hot tubs can be great in suburban areas where you have a lot of space and a lot of privacy. This is nearly impossible for city people who live in condo units or apartment complexes.

If you really want your own personal hot tub but you live in a condo unit or apartment complex where it is impossible to put one, you can still have your own by installing an indoor one that you can use with comfort and privacy.

Unlike outdoor tubs, indoor units are placed, as the name suggests, inside your home. With enough space in your bathroom, you can certainly enjoy the experience right at your own abode. Another great thing about indoor jaccuzi is that you won’t really need to redecorate the bathroom. This is because in outdoor tubs, you need landscaping and other things to make it look more interesting other than just a big bowl in your yard. With the indoor tub, you just need to add little details in your bathroom, such as a flower vase or repainting the whole bathroom wall or placing a new kind of wallpaper to enhance the appearance of the unit and its surroundings.

You can even try and build a sun or moon roof to really enhance the experience of soaking in a hot tub.

Before you go and buy yourself an indoor tub, you may want to consider two things. First, you need to know where the indoor unit is going to be placed. Most won’t fit in a regular sized bathroom; however, you can redecorate a room to place your tub in. You should consider if the room could stand up to any dampness. If it doesn’t, you can try and renovate the room itself.

The second thing you should consider is if the floor can withstand the weight of the full unit you plan on buying. For this you need to consult a structural engineer to determine if your floor can withstand the weight of the hot tub. You probably don’t want the floor to break while you are in the … Read More